The Beinlichs' 2004 Holiday Letter
Blinking holiday lights



If you'd like to see the printed version of our holiday letter,
you may download the PDF file (color, 4 pages, 500 KB).

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Hey, it's December again!  Where did the year go?  We're not sure we know, which is one of the reasons we sit down at this time of year and write this holiday letter.  Of course the other, more important, reason is that it gives us a chance to let you know what's been up with the Beinlichs.  A lot has been happening, as usual, so we'd better get started…

First off, we finally realized that since we always have to send out our letter before Christmas, we never get to include any Christmas pictures.  So here's a fun one of Mason and Dylan Mueller from 2003.


Mason and Dylan share a Christmas hug





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